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Staibano Signature Cocktails

Cocktails created by Giovanni Bruno of the Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel

Amalfi Extra Smooth

Expressing the smoothness of Staibano Amalfi Smooth Liqueur

Gin 50ml, 25ml Lime Juice, 15ml Elderflower Liqueur, 2 Cucumber Slices, Staibano Amalfi Smooth, Elderflower & Lime Soft Foam

Don Staibano

Don Vincenzo almost always added a leaf of fresh basil for added taste and sophistication.

Vanilla Vodka 40ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 30ml, Seared Lime Juice 20ml, Vanilla Syrup, Basil leaves, Prosecco

Lemon Queen

A tribute to Amalfi I.G.P. lemons, known as the queen of lemons and to the beautiful Donna Staibano found on every bottle dressed in an Amalfi lemon rind.

Gin 50ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 30ml, Pierre Ferrand 20ml, Simple Syrup 10ml, Lemon Juice 10ml, Mint Leaves

Amalfi Winter

Bringing a winter touch to Amalfi 

½ Sloe Gin, ½ Staibano Amalfi Smooth, 5ml Lime Juice (can also be served on ice or topped with Champagne)


Don Vincenzo Staibano owned lemon groves, high in the mountains overlooking the iconic Amalfi Coast

Aperol 25ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 25ml, Grapefruit Juice 20ml, Saffron and Sandlewood Syrup 10ml, Soda Water

Staibano Gin Fizz

Gin 45ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 30ml, Lime Juice 15ml, Lemon Juice 15ml, Vanilla Syrup 20ml, 2 Drops Orange Flower Water, 1 Egg White, Topped up with Soda Water

Method: Dry Shake First, then Hard Shake with Ice.

Staibano Alexander

Cognac 30ml, Creme de Cacao White 30ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 30ml, Grated Tonka Bean

Staibano Espresso Martini

Vodka 40ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 20ml, Espresso, Hazelnut Syrup 

Staibano Lemon Drop

Vodka 50ml, Cointreau 25ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 20ml, Lemon Juice 20ml

Staibano Mojito

Golden Rum 40ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 20ml, Lime Juice 15ml, Mint Leaves, Black Pepper & Sage Syrup 10ml, Rhubarb Bitters 2 Drops, Ginger Beer

Staibano Whiskey Sour

Bourbon Whiskey 40ml, Lemon Juice 25ml, Staibano Amalfi Smooth 20ml, Symple Syrup 15ml, Egg White