Staibano, the Smooth Lemon Liqueur Made in Amalfi

Apperitivo - Amalfi Bitter

The Staibano Story


Don Vincenzo Staibano was born on the Amalfi Coast, a stunning and vibrant stretch of coastline south of Naples, Italy, where he spent his entire life. Surrounded by such outstanding natural beauty and unique architecture, Don Staibano unsurprisingly delighted in the dolce vita of the Amalfi Coast and its unrivalled food and agricultural produce. Much of his life was devoted to tending his lemon groves which, as are typical of the Amalfi region, produced abundant lemons of the most incredible colour, size, taste and fragrance.

Amalfi Coast Staibano Amalfi Coast

The Don was known for his style and charisma. He pursued a life filled with fun and laughter and was famous for hosting some of the best parties on the coastline. He was also renowned for his unique tasting alcoholic drinks - his first, dating back to 1932, being the recipe used to create Amalfi Smooth.
Staibano LTD was born in 2015 following a decision made by Cesco Amodio, the great grandson of Don Staibano, that the Don’s alcoholic recipes should be shared for the rest of the world to enjoy. 

Don Staibano Staibano Family

Amalfi Smooth

Don Staibano would only use the freshest ingredients to create his recipes, all from the surrounding areas of Amalfi. Amalfi Smooth, manufactured in small batches, is still made with the same ethos.
The process now involves the maceration of the finest lemon peel in the world: the I.G.P. lemons of Amalfi, in fine grain spirit. The rinds are then removed and the alcohol is blended with milk and sugar. The result: a smooth lemon liqueur which tastes indulgent yet is refreshingly sweet and light with a 17% ABV – it can therefore be enjoyed at any social occasion. 
Amalfi Smooth is 100% natural, and is free from additives and preservatives. We pride ourselves in being one of the few alcohol brands which discloses all ingredients.
Limone I.G.P.We are also immensely proud to bear the IGP stamp (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) on all of our bottles, which guarantees that every lemon rind used to make Amalfi Smooth is that of the iconic Amalfi lemon - the best in the world.

Our beautiful and eye-catching label was created by an amazing up and coming artist, Aleksandra Laika and is inspired by our love for posters from the 20s-50s, especially those of the artist behind the original Campari Adverts - Capiello.

Made In Amalfi

The only way we could replicate the Don’s drink was to be as faithful to his recipe as possible. This of course meant that we had to produce in Amalfi. Thankfully, we have found the best producers on the coast, Terra di Limone, who - with an enormous amount of care - fill, label and cap every bottle by hand in batches of 1512 bottles at a time - making Amalfi Smooth not only the best tasting cream liqueur, but also the most unique.


Our maxim is seen on every bottle, and lies central to our brand and family business.

Naturalità - 100% natural.

Sensualità - La Donna Staibano, beautifully illustrated on every bottle, embodies Don Vincenzo’s outlook - life should be fun, stylish and sexy.

Eredità - we are all about heritage.

The Staibano Way

Amalfi Smooth should always be served cold.

The Staibano family only ever drank it in a tumbler filled with ice, normally serving between 35ml-50ml. Don Vincenzo almost always added a leaf of basil for enhanced taste and sophistication.


Staibano Cocktails

We have recenlty worked with Giovanni Bruno of the Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel in coming up with a list of delicious and original cocktails that not only show off the versatility of Staibano Amalfi Smooth - but also pay homage to flavours loved by Don Vincenzo. Check our cocktails page for recipies.


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Deliveries within London are made 7 days a week in our restored Piaggio Ape, shipped over from Italy. We aim to make all deliveries within 24 hours of an order being made. 

If you want to grab a taster of Amalfi Smooth head down to my brother's pizza spot Made Of Dough in Brixton. Ask for Don Enrico and while you are down there enjoy the best pizza in London.

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